Training Manager

Importing Courses into Training Manager

You may import your master course list using the menu option Tools –> Import –> Courses.


The list of courses should be in a comma-separated-values format (.csv). If you have the list in MS Excel, you can use the Save-As function to save the file as a .csv file. A .csv file can be opened in MS Excel, or in Notepad. For example, here is a sample listing of 2 courses in .csv format and displayed as text:

Sample Data:

Introduction To Customer Service,CS101,Internal,Training Room #1
Advanced Customer Service,CS400,Internal,Training Room #2

The field delimiter is a comma. If your course information contains commas in the actual field values, you will need to use a text qualifier as shown below:

“Customer Service, Introduction”,”CS101″,”Internal”,”Training Room #1″
“Customer Service, Advanced”,”CS400″,”Internal”,”Training Room #2″

Note that in the above example, a comma appears in the CourseTitle field. In order to include this data in the import and prevent the program from seeing the comma as the separation before the next field, quotation marks are placed around the field values.


You may run a test import by copying the example data above and pasting it into an empty notepad file. Save the file with the extension .csv on the end, and then import the data using the menu option Tools –> Import –> Courses.

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