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With the release of Training Manager Web Edition earlier this year, many of our existing customers have been making the switch so they can access it from anywhere without any software installation or network configuration.

The Web Edition is very similar to the Windows versions, and includes a few extra features:

  • The “Dashboard” (Home) screen shows the current overall required training status at all times. It also includes a training calendar, and scrolling list of recent updates.
  • The “Requirements” feature has been updated to allow you to add multiple groups, job roles, or individuals to one requirement. In addition, you can exclude multiple groups, job roles, or individuals.
  • After selecting a report, you can now use the Group By field located above the report preview to change the grouping, and use the “Filter” field to select a filter field and value to filter the report on.
  • The “Email Reminder” feature is web-based, so it doesn’t require your own email client.
  • And of course it’s available to login from any web browser. You no longer have to install and manage the software. Access it from work, home, on the road, pc, tablet, etc.

If you have an existing database that you would like to move to the Web Edition, contact us and we’ll take care of it for you. If this is your first look at Training Manager, please check out the details on our website, and try out the free trial.


We have released several updates to our cloud based Asset Manager product (Web Edition). In addition to improved scanning capability, you can now set Group and Filter options on the asset and service reports. In addition, an all new Service Schedule tracking feature has been added. Set up Service Schedules with a one-time or repeating schedule, log completed service (maintenance, repairs, inspection, calibration and more), and run reports. A color-coded status indicator next to the listing will tell you if the Service is Up To Date, Upcoming, or Overdue.

Sign up for the trial. There’s no obligation and no credit card required to try it out. Just fill in your Company Name and Email to create your online trial account.


Asset Manager Web Edition

In addition to our Windows-based products, we now also provide cloud hosted Asset Management! Access your asset database anytime anywhere through the web. It’s easy to get started, just sign up and start using it right away – no software installation or servers to set up.

Check out Asset Manager Web Edition: A Cloud-Based Fixed Asset Register.


Screencasts have been added on our YouTube Channel at the link below:

YouTube Channel

Software Updates

It’s been a busy year so far with over 30 updates released containing 60 incremental changes including new features and bug fixes. Some of these updates have required database changes, so be sure to update your client software if you are getting a “Mismatched Database Version” message when opening the software. Be sure to coordinate the updates with all of the users if your organization is using a shared database on a server.

You can find more details about the changes that have occurred at the following links:



Many customers have requested an easier, faster way to enroll overdue or assigned students into a class session all at once. Prior to this update, you would need to sort the list by Group or Job Role and search for students to add one at a time or select multiple rows to add several at once. Now you can add students from the following pre-defined lists:

  • Assigned Personnel
  • Overdue Personnel
  • Personnel Due in 30 Days
  • Personnel Due in 60 Days
Add assigned personnel to class session

Now you can add overdue or assigned personnel to a class session all at once.

This can be used in several situations. For example:

  • A change has been made to a procedure, and all personnel who have been assigned the procedure must attend a training session: Select “Assigned Personnel” to add them all to the class session.
  • A training class is held quarterly and you need to prioritize enrollment for overdue personnel: Select “Overdue Personnel” on the enrollments window, and then add more students as needed.
  • All Overdue personnel have been enrolled, and there’s still room for more: Select “Personnel Due in 30 Days” or “Personnel Due in 60 Days” to add more personnel who will be due for retraining soon.

The Asset “Audit” dialog box has been updated in Asset Manager to allow you to paste in a list of barcode numbers to add audit records to all of the found assets at once. This feature improves the stocktaking/physical inventory procedure by allowing you to capture barcodes with a mobile barcode reader while walking around scanning the asset barcodes in an area, and then return to your computer to update the audit status for all items at once without the manual lookup for each item.

Asset Audit Record

Asset Audit Record Form

Here is how the Asset Audit (Stock-Taking) process works:

  1. Enter or upload the asset list for your organization.
  2. After walking around with a mobile barcode reader scanning the assets in your organization, return to your computer, and export the list of barcodes to a text file with one barcode number per line.
  3. Select the list of barcode numbers, and then copy them to your clipboard.
  4. Open the Audit form by clicking the Audit button in the Asset list toolbar, and then paste the barcode numbers in the area provided by right-clicking and then selecting “Paste”, or by pressing the key combination ctrl + v.
  5. Add any notes as needed, and then click the Add Record button to add the record(s).

The asset audit report can then be used to locate any missing assets by setting the filter to show assets that have not been audited in the past X days (you can set the value to any number of days as needed).

If you do not have a mobile barcode reader, you may still use the manual method of printing the overdue audit report and then manually checking off items and then looking them up to add individual audit records. Alternatively, you may open the Audit form and then enter the barcode numbers (one per line). Or, if you have a wired barcode reader hooked up to a wireless laptop, you may place the cursor in the text area on the audit form, and scan each barcode to add it to the list.

Firebird Database Update

Our products have been updated to work with a newer version of the Firebird Database. See the details here.

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