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“Assignments” in Training Manager

“Assignments” in Training Manager allow you to track the status of required training for your personnel. This post provides clarification about how this feature works and how the training status is updated.

You may create assignments on the Assignments tab which will set required training for individuals based on the criteria you have chosen.  There are three types of Assignments which you may create on the Assignments tab: Group, Job, and Individual. When a user has been assigned a course, it is “required”, and it will show up on their status report as either “Overdue” or “Up to date”.

Group Assignments

If you create a Group assignment, it will be automatically assigned to everyone in the chosen group.  When new people are added to the group, they will also have that assignment automatically set up for them.  You may also choose “All Groups” if you have an assignment which you want to be added for everyone.

Job Assignments:

Job Assignments are similar to Group assignments, except that they are applied to everyone within a particular Job Role rather than people within a particular organizational group.

Individual Assignments:

You may use Individual assignments for one-off specific requirements.

More Details:

When a course is Assigned, the status will be “Overdue” until it has been completed per the criteria in the Assignment. The Assignments mean that the Course is absolutely “Required”. The Status for a Required course will not be “Up To Date” until it has been completed. For example, if a course is required every year, but it has never been taken, or it has not been taken within the past 12 months, then it will be “Overdue”. If it has been taken at any time within the past 12 months, then the status will be “Up To Date”.

The Overdue and Upcoming Status report displays all records that are either Overdue or with an expiration date within the next X days. Scheduling a Class Session within X days will not have an impact on the Status. The only way for the status to change to “Up To Date” is to complete the course. For example, consider these cases:

Case 1:

  • Assignment: Course required once / year.
  • Current Date (example): 4/1/2009
  • Last completed: 1/1/2008
  • Expiration Date: 1/1/2009
  • Status: This course is “Overdue” because the expiration date is in the past (1/1/2009).

If you add a “Completed” training record before the expiration date, the status will then be “Up To Date”, and the new Expiration Date will be set for 1 year after the new completion date.

Case 2:

  • Assignment: Course required once/year.
  • Current Date: 4/1/2009
  • Last Completed: 1/1/2009
  • Expiration Date: 1/1/2010
  • Status: This course is “Up To Date” because it was last completed on 1/1/2009, and it doesn’t expire until 1/1/2010.

If you have set the report filter to only show courses with an expiration date within 30 days, this record will not be included on the report (because the expiration date is more than 30 days away).

If you have set the filter to show courses with an expiration date within 365 days, this record WILL be included on the report (because the expiration date is within 365 days). However, the status remains “Up To Date” because the expiration date has not yet passed.

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