How To Test Your Barcode Scanner For Use With Asset Manager

Asset Manager works with all barcode scanners that support keyboard emulation. This article provides the steps to test your barcode scanner with Asset Manager. To begin, you will need any item with a barcode on it available.

First, check to see if the keyboard emulation is working correctly:

  1. Open up a blank document such as Notepad, Word, or a new email window.
  2. Place the cursor in the document window and then scan any barcode.
  3. The barcode number should appear in your document window.
  4. Now scan a barcode again.
  5. The second time the barcode is scanned, the barcode number should appear in the document window on a second line.

If the barcode number doesn’t appear in the document window at all, the keyboard emulation is not working.
If the barcode number appears, but it doesn’t separate each scan on a separate line, the scanner needs to be configured to add a line break between scans. For each of these items, please check your barcode scanner manual.

Continue below if the above checks out ok.

Next, check the operation in Asset Manager:

  1. On the asset screen, click the “New Asset” button to create a new Asset record.
  2. Fill in a Description, and then select “Manual” for the Asset Number. Enter the barcode number in the asset number field, or place your cursor in the asset number field and then scan the barcode to fill this field in.
  3. Save and close the asset record. You should now have an asset record in your database with an asset number that matches your barcode.
  4. Next, while you have asset manager open, scan the barcode again. Asset Manager should open the record that you created in step 1. Now, when you need to check this asset in or out, you may scan the barcode to open the record and then complete the check in/out process.

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