Comparison Of The Standard Edition To The Enterprise Edition

Training Manager Standard Edition:

The Standard Edition of Training Manager is a standalone version designed to run on a single computer.  It is intended for departments or organizations where one individual is responsible for training records tracking.  This version cannot be networked or shared by multiple people.

Training Manager Enterprise Edition:

The Enterprise Edition of Training Manager is designed to run over a network.  In this version, the database resides on a shared network computer accessible to all the workstations on the network.  This version allows for an unlimited number of computers to connect to and use Training Manager, sharing the data located on the central database. 

License Details:

The cost for either edition is a 1 time fee for the current version of the software.  You are not required to pay an ongoing monthly or yearly fee to continue using the software.

Your purchase provides you with a license key which will work in the current version of the software without limitation. Your purchase also provides you with free minor updates as they become available. Major upgrades may incur a 50% upgrade charge after one year; however, you are never required to upgrade, so you may continue to use the current version as long as you want at no additional charge.

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