Training Manager

Cloud based Training Manager

With the release of Training Manager Web Edition earlier this year, many of our existing customers have been making the switch so they can access it from anywhere without any software installation or network configuration.

The Web Edition is very similar to the Windows versions, and includes a few extra features:

  • The “Dashboard” (Home) screen shows the current overall required training status at all times. It also includes a training calendar, and scrolling list of recent updates.
  • The “Requirements” feature has been updated to allow you to add multiple groups, job roles, or individuals to one requirement. In addition, you can exclude multiple groups, job roles, or individuals.
  • After selecting a report, you can now use the Group By field located above the report preview to change the grouping, and use the “Filter” field to select a filter field and value to filter the report on.
  • The “Email Reminder” feature is web-based, so it doesn’t require your own email client.
  • And of course it’s available to login from any web browser. You no longer have to install and manage the software. Access it from work, home, on the road, pc, tablet, etc.

If you have an existing database that you would like to move to the Web Edition, contact us and we’ll take care of it for you. If this is your first look at Training Manager, please check out the details on our website, and try out the free trial.

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