Training Manager

Training Manager Enrollments Update

Many customers have requested an easier, faster way to enroll overdue or assigned students into a class session all at once. Prior to this update, you would need to sort the list by Group or Job Role and search for students to add one at a time or select multiple rows to add several at once. Now you can add students from the following pre-defined lists:

  • Assigned Personnel
  • Overdue Personnel
  • Personnel Due in 30 Days
  • Personnel Due in 60 Days
Now you can add overdue or assigned personnel to a class session all at once.

This can be used in several situations. For example:

  • A change has been made to a procedure, and all personnel who have been assigned the procedure must attend a training session: Select “Assigned Personnel” to add them all to the class session.
  • A training class is held quarterly and you need to prioritize enrollment for overdue personnel: Select “Overdue Personnel” on the enrollments window, and then add more students as needed.
  • All Overdue personnel have been enrolled, and there’s still room for more: Select “Personnel Due in 30 Days” or “Personnel Due in 60 Days” to add more personnel who will be due for retraining soon.

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