How To Install The Software On A PC Without Internet Access

Our products require the .NET Framework V2 to be installed on the computer in order to run. Many computers have this component installed already. If the component is missing, the installation program will attempt to download it from the internet. If the computer is missing the .NET Framework V2, and the computer is not connected to the internet, you will need to install it manually before the program can run.

Here are the steps to install the software on a PC without internet access:

  1. Check whether .NET 2 is already installed – look for an entry “Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0” in the Add/Remove programs list in Windows. If it is missing, use a computer that is connected to the internet, and download it to your removable media using the following link: Download .NET 2
  2. Download the setup file from our website to a cd, flash drive, etc, by right-clicking on the download link for the Edition you need, and then selecting ‘save target as’ to download the setup file.
  3. Copy the files from your removable media to the computer that doesn’t have internet access.
  4. Run the .NET installation first, and then run the software installation.

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